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let me give ark sz

verse 1:
always caring for me, always giving
til i cant take any more
and you gave me this new life im living
the one you thought was worth dying for

im wanting you to know im grateful to ya
for all the love youve shown
and praises arent enough to tell
how my love for you has grown

let me give back to you
something that is hard to give
like the desires in my heart
and the way i want to live

let me give back to you
something that will cost it all
from the big dreams in my life
down to the very small

verse 2:
never leaving me, lord, when you could have
after so many failures and doubts
though you loved me much more than you should have
even when my faith was worn out

i dont wanna be ungrateful to ya
for all the love youve shown
and that is why i want to serve you, lord
with all i own

repeat chorus


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