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bring me through ark sz

verse 1:
ive been in the basement
groping for a light
but it just goes to show me
i walk by faith and not by sight

but now i feel the walls are closing in
the dark is blacker than its ever been, lord

youve got to bring me through
cause theres nothing more i can do
youve got to bring me through
i leaving it up to you
bring me through, ive done all i can do
youve got to bring me through
i need you...to bring me through
i need you...to bring me through

verse 2:
yeah, deep inside im bleeding
will nothing ease the pain
aching memories beating like
a cold pulsating rain

the more i try to fight the more i fail
condemnations got me by the tail, lord

repeat chorus

i need your power, lord, to quicken my soul
to come break the evil thats taken hold

repeat chorus


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