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black and white in a grey world ark sz
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black and white in a grey world ark sz

no distinction, no emotion for right or wrong
they tell me any choice will do
no color contrast in their dull morality
the shades of good and bad are through

situational lies, situational hate
situational adultery
they mix the black and white so casually
their ethics sem so vague to me

and im black and white in a grey world
black and white in a grey world
black and white in a grey world

its not so easy finding answers in the shade
it takes some patience, takes some grit
but its better than throwing all you colors
in the street.
whats life without color in it.

ooh, i feel so out of place
like ive landed on the moon
you can see it in my face
i dont mind being different
cuz im different for the truth

(repeat 1st verse)

(repeat chorus)


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