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true ark sz

i know im blinded
cuz all i do is look through
all the feelings that i have for you,
and if i only knew
that every minute with you
would be a chance to become close

and when i feel your heartbeat next to me
i know it cant be wrong with you

but my friends tell me i love you,
baby what am i supposed to do?
believe me, baby when i tell you its true,
i know i need you,
cuz every day im thinking of you,
believe me, baby when i tell you its true

oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh

now ive had time to
to dream of nothing but you,
and a dream is something that just wont do,
how can i make you see
just believe in me,
oh boy, trust in love and you can be free

i know, cuz i believe
that you belong to me

chorus - repeat

oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh

there was a time when i felt
that nothing could come between us,
now i know, that i need you
for all time

chorus - repeat 2x

oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh - baby when i tell you its true (2x)


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