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the captain ark sz

now the captain called me to his bed
he fumbled for my hand
"take these silver bars," he said
"im giving you command."
"command of what, theres no one here
theres only you and me --
all the rest are dead or in retreat
or with the enemy."
"complain, complain, thats all youve done
ever since we lost
if its not the crucifixion
then its the holocaust."
"may christ have mercy on your soul
for making such a joke
amid these hearts that burn like coal
and the flesh that rose like smoke."

"i know that you have suffered, lad,
but suffer this awhile:
whatever makes a soldier sad
will make a killer smile."
"im leaving, captain, i must go
theres blood upon your hand
but tell me, captain, if you know
of a decent place to stand."

"there is no decent place to stand
in a massacre;
but if a woman take your hand
go and stand with her."
"i left a wife in tennessee
and a baby in saigon --
i risked my life, but not to hear
some country-western song."

"ah but if you cannot raise your love
to a very high degree,
then youre just the man ive been thinking of --
so come and stand with me."
"your standing days are done," i cried,
"youll rally me no more.
i dont even know what side
we fought on, or what for."

"im on the side thats always lost
against the side of heaven
im on the side of snake-eyes tossed
against the side of seven.
and ive read the bill of human rights
and some of it was true
but there wasnt any burden left
so im laying it on you."

now the captain he was dying
but the captain wasnt hurt
the silver bars were in my hand
i pinned them to my shirt.


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