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you win -- i lose ark sz

writers: alan tarney & leo sayer

you win -- i lose
thats how it all begins
well i try so hard in these affairs of the heart
but i know that ill never win

well i talk to you sweet like honey
dont i treat you as nice as pie
but i cant figure out when you scream and you shout
why i have to apologize

you win -- i lose
thats how it always goes
i came into this thing with my heart in a spin
i went out with a broken nose

you win -- i lose
thats how its meant to be
well i tried all i can just to figure it out
but loves just mystery

guess all you ladies would call me easy
but im a fool for the femme fatale
when she flashes those eyes im not a man im a mouse
tryin to patch up a broken heart

you win -- i lose
thats okay thats the way it goes
well i tried all i could but it did me no good
cos all ive got is nothin to show

they say that men are always supposed to act
like theyre not really tryin
but when i come on cool nobody seems to notice
its a mystery
its a mystery to me

you see you win -- i lose
i guess thats how were meant to be
i tried as hard as i could but it did me no good
youre more than a match for me
and it dont make no sense to me
love is still a mystery
its just a mystery


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