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telepath ark sz

writers: leo sayer & david courtney

im leaving the smog below me now
im leaving my troubles on the ground
im watching those smokestacks just blaze away
the sky will be blue never grey

the future is filled with wasted time
i cant see the road -- im going blind
im laughing at all of my future plans
shining like gold in my hands

isnt it funny how you reach me
you know exactly what im thinking
youre always helping me from sinking
its your way

hello, this is london calling -- is my flight due
hello, is there someway i can reach you
isnt it funny how you call me
you call me up while i am sleeping
youre always helping me from sinking -- its your way

now this is the end of all my dreams
the drumming has stopped behind my ears
theres no looking back now -- im too far away
im shaking like mad in a daze...

then out of the night you join me here
the people around me, they disappear
and i hear your voice, and you speak to my eyes
and everything comes alive


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