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something fine ark sz

writers: jackson browne

the papers lie there hopelessly
in a pile outside the door
i tried and tried, but i just cant remember
what theyre for
the world outside is tugging
like a beggar at my sleeve
ah, thats much too old a story to believe

and you know, that its taken its share of me
even though you take such good care of me

now you say morocco, and that makes me smile
i havent seen morocco for a long, long while
the dreams are rolling down
across the places in my mind
and i just had a taste of something fine

the future hides and the past just slides
england lies between
floating in a silver mist, so cold and so clean
californias shading like some angry child will
who has asked for love and isnt answered still

and you know that im looking back carefully
cause i know that theres still something there for me

but you said morocco and it made me smile
and it hasnt been that easy for a long, long while
looking back into your eyes
oh, i saw them really shine
and giving me a taste of something fine

something fine

now if you see morocco, oh i know youll go in style
i may not see morocco for a little while
but while youre there i was hoping you
might keep it in your mind
to save me a taste of something fine

something fine


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