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writers: leo sayer & david courtney

used to see him hanging around everywhere
in a world of his own
see him hanging round street corners
where we would meet
he was a lonely kid
now they tell us that hes moved on
aint been seen for so long dont know where hes gone...

its been so long, but im on the road and
though it aint been easy
at least i made it on my own
my tongues been tied for far too long
and now youre gonna hear me
at least i know where i belong...

s.o.l.o. im on the road
s.o.l.o. im on my own

ysee everybodys got someone
to lay their troubled lives upon
im really glad ive only got my own...

once upon a time, well i had lots of friends
i moved freely through their lives
but twos a couple and, well threes a crowd
i was just left out
hanging around
ive had as much now as i can take
there aint no need to stay...

s.o.l.o. im on the road
s.o.l.o. im all alone
and everybody smiles
as i go walking by
but i m really glad ive only got my own...


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