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only dreaming ark sz

writers: leo sayer & frank farrell

oh when the night creeps
up over the hillside
oh its so quiet up here
you can hear your thoughts from the inside
oh well it took me a while
to take in the atmosphere
dark clouds of evil all around

youre only dreaming
youre only dreaming
youre only dreaming
youre only dreaming

there is no hooded killer
no dracula
no frankenstein
oh well its all psychological
oh its all in your mind

oh when a boy
wed visit a haunted house
and there were demons inside
of that there isnt a doubt
and i would hide behind my hand every night
with fear right there on my brow

oh i see danger in living
im on a runaway train without wheels
now im crawling through a tunnel
with bloodhounds at my heels
everywhere i turn there are screams all around
behind trees wolves howl


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