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let your love come down ark sz

written by: steve winwood/walden/capaldi
some say i know, others say i dont
thats alright now
what im saying every day is that love will find a way
thats no lie now
when the roads getting tough and you think youve had enough
dont give up now
show the world how you feel, gonna let them know youre real
dont be shy now
let your love come down
let it flow now
just let it flow now, baby, yeah
let your love come down
come on and show me now
dont hold it back now
oh girl, you got to
let your love come down
let your love come down
let it all go now
let your love come down, baby
let your love come down
make sure that youre true in everything you do
dont you fake it
and when youre caught in the heat and you think its got you beat
you can take it
you got time on your side and this door is open wide
you can make it (oh yes we can)
it was there from the start, got the power in your heart
dont forsake it
give your heart, darling, every day
wear your love now, baby, dont hide away
roll it over, dont delay
lets start a new day


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