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i build this garden for us ark sz
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i build this garden for us ark sz

written by: lenny kravitz
in this garden
this lovely garden
i build a temple of love
walk with the father
wont be a bother
to touch the earth as it was
well farm the land each day
and in the sunshine we will play
glory glory for the day he came
our tears had gone away
well make love in the shade
and in the ocean we will bathe
little fishies in the sea
say hooray
i build this garden for us
in this garden
our children will grow
darling this is a must
well be so happy
our little family
so full of love and trust
and darling when were old
well close the gates and lock the door
our love will never fade away
when its pure its forever last
and darling when youre cold
ill hold you tight and keep you warm
little darlin gonna make it through the storm
youll never be alone
i build this garden for us
in this garden
theyll be no war
no racial prejudice
youll be my brother
of any color
youll just be okay with us
well love each day in peace
in hope that we will one day reach
the rest of the world
when they are ready to be teached
the kingdom will come
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
i build this garden
i build this garden for us
i build this garden for us


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