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buddy x ark sz

written by: neneh cherry, c. mcvey, k. barnes and j. barnes
call yourself a family man
talking bout the families plan
to bring the sweet talk deep and down
works better than an average pick up line
you put your woman out to pasture
on the promises you gave her last year
peace and love is on your head
and the grass is greener playing round
your family seed is what you spread
buddy my friend
who you think you fooling
buddy my friend
and what about your woman
buddy my friend
who you think you fooling
buddy my friend
i dont care what you do
but theres a hypocrite that lives in you
cause if your woman gave her love
in the same way that you do
youd feel a-way
you know you would
buddy my friend
treat her that way
and youll be x-d soon
buddy x-d soon


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