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b side blues ark sz

one, two, free, end
im so tired and im all burn down
say im so tired
and im all burn down
they say i got to write some new songs
but im all time down
they gimme six days to rise myself
hmm ahah
and i cant get no sleep
six days to rise myself
and i cant get no sleep
my complains of my ass
i cant get no release
hey hey yeah haahaha yeah!
i was born, long ago
that sells right
im the choosen, im the one, hey hey
sing the song, sell those records
repeat yourself do it again one more time
i dont ever do nothing twice
and i feel just fine, ahah
take this song and shut up your ass
yeah! ahahahah talk fully
yeah! mother records give me that star
hey! ahahahah!
gonna be a big famous rock & roll star
gonna buy a new car
yeah! hey! yeah!


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