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beautiful day ark sz

yes indeed, ya mumble c
you know the voice, you know im the choice
but right now id like to bring you a funky funky group
that go by the name of len
and we gonna go a lil something like this
check it out

i got mumbles on the beats and me and biz is rappin
and when we get together we makes it happen
and if you find my ryhme book well please dont bend
cause i can kill the man with the jab of my pen
im not a violent man
but hang with violent men
sometimes i like to chill and try to read zen
i gotta give props to a writer named wren(???)
cause hes been around since god knows when
i think its time for an introduction
my name is d-rock from a crew called len
been into hip-hop since the age of 10
and i leave them in shock when i begin
thats why i dont front on my first impressions
and i only write rhymes for my circle of friends
its like that, and thats the way it ends
me and biz markie constantly set trends

oh, what a beautiful day
what a beautiful day
what a beautiful day

party people in the place id like to tell you a tale
about a high powered girl
her name is gale
shes a funky fresh girly, she aint stale
everytime i see her she makes me hard as a nail
i was chillin at my house drinkin ginger-ale
watchin monty python and the holy grail
when i got a phone call it never failed
it came all the way from a college named yale
i said hello pretty momma, whats up female?
lets go on a cruise, or go on a sail
but first let me call my mane named dale
i call him, but he was in jail
we both went down and paid his bail
it came back three weeks in the mail
one thing i forgot this last detail
that the biz markie will always prevail
oh, what a beautiful day
what a beautiful day
what a beautiful day

yo, i wanna say peace to all our crews
east and west that rock the best
say wuzzup to g-force, my man without a porsche
a shout out to sean and mikah(???)
for throwin those parties
and how ya doin johnny walker in vancouver?
how ya doin johnny?
and a special big beautiful day
to a special big beautiful label
for givin us all that
special special special beautiful cash


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