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its all true ark sz

i havent cried baby since i learned to talk
havent fallen down since i learned to walk
and i dont get bored watching the tube
and i never had a rock in my shoe

and if i tried baby, would you mess me round?
would we both get bored by the simple sound

sorry about dropping that lude
it just seemed like the best thing to do

its all true
i got me
shes got you
and we got time to share a few

you never get me down when im feeling blue
when i tell you lies you wont believe theyre true
now i really should be on my way
think im gonna stick around all day

its all true
i got me
shes got you
and we got time to share a few

shes so precise with her exacto knife
shes gonna take her life

i dont wake up with a sudden start
with some empty arms and a broken heart
and i dont get bored watching the tube.


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