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half the time ark sz

theres a crow flyin down from over the hill.
cracked paint on my window sill.
each morning broke provides a girl.
forget my evening feeling world.
when day gets dark it seeps into my skin.
and i rcall the spark that kept me sane.

cant talk to you its plain,
wont start to name my pain,
or forget i dont know why
you tugged the corner of my eye.
movin up the neck of my guitar.
i turn the lamp off, i see where you are.

your one light slowly fading in my mind.
the furthest from my head.
half the time.

simple point too bright to leave the sky.
youre dissolving in my eye, in my eye.
my closed eye.
half the time.

mountain dew and malboro, while i stew over er all i owe.
my eyes set wet against the breeze,
guide the sun into the trees.
where squirrels are holding acorns in their teeth.
i cant see into why i made you leave.

your one light slowly fad--ing in my mind.
the furthest from my head.
half the time.
a simple point revolving in my sky.
youre dissolving in my eye.


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