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orphan train ark sz

(julie miller)

come all you broken hearted, come and lay your burden down
come kings and queens, come royalty surrender up your crown
come empty-handed come with nothing of your own to claim
come naked, poor, come like a child to ride the orphan train

chorus: come ride, ride on the orphan train
put your ear to the track, you can hear your name
come ride, ride on the orphan train, itll take you all the way home
the way is narrow, it is steep that brings you to the door
but love awaits there to embrace your heart forevermore
(repeat chorus)

come you abandoned, you forsaken
friendless and alone, come refugees left homesick for
some place youve never known
here princes, paupers, criminals and saints are all the same
no more or less than gods beloved child aboard this train

(repeat chorus twice)

itll take you all the way home
its gonna take you all the way home


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