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forever everyday ark sz

(kim patton johnson/devon oday)

i knew this kid, his name was michael
he was only four years old
we sat on a rock and started talkin
and he told me things i didnt know
he said yesterday he was an indian
and how he played with buffalo
well, i got a sense that he had been there
and he made me really wanna go

chorus: remember waitin all year for december
thought god was cryin when it rained
and that the stars were fireflies
dreams were real and big as life
it was forever everyday
i was tuckin in my little girl
she held my hand and we said a prayer
i prayed, "bless grandma with the angels."
and she said, "hey mom, shes standin over there."
well, i couldnt see her but i dont doubt it
maybe cause im older and less wise
what if heavens all around us
but only seen through childrens eyes
(repeat chorus)

they say when youre old youre a child again
but do we have to wait till then
(repeat chorus)

i knew this kid his name was michael


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