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the girl i love she got long black wavy hair ark sz
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the girl i love she got long black wavy hair ark sz

whoah, the girl i love, she got long black wavy hair
i do declare!
the girl i love, yeah, she got long black wavy hair,
ah yeah,
her mother and her father, lordy,
they sure dont, sure dont allow me there.
well i, im goin back to my baby, lord i,
i swear i wouldnt lie, yeah
i never saw that sweet woman yeah in-a
a-five long years gone by, yeah.
well im goin ho__me, im goin home
cause shes a sweet little darlin, ah
i said i been away, ahh-far too long,
i been away too long.
take it jimmy!
well, my baby when...
she shakes just like a willow tree,
yes she does.
my baby, when she walks, ya know
she shakes like a willow tree, yeah.
ah-that mean, mistreatin baby she know she
hop, hops all over me.
hops over me...


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