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im gonna crawl ark sz

oh shes my baby, let me tell you why
hey, she drives me crazy, shes the apple of my eye
cause she is my girl, and she can never do wrong
if i dream too much at night, somebody please bring me down
hey, i love that little lady, i got to be her fool
aint no other like my baby, i can break the golden rule
cause i get down on my knees, oh, i pray that love wont die
and if i always try to please, i dont know the reason why, yeah
if she would come back, only stay with me
every little bit of my love, etc., i give to you girl
i dont have to go by plane
i aint gotta go by car
i dont care just where my darling is
people i just dont care how far
im gonna crawl
i dont care if i got to go back home
i dont care what i got to stand to her back
im gonna crawl
im gonna move the car, baby
she give me good lovin
yes i love her, i guess i love her
im gonna crawl.


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