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hots on for nowhere ark sz

i was burned in the heat of the moment,
though it couldnt have been the heat of the day
when i learned how my time had been wasted,
(and a) tear fell as i turned away
now ive got friends who will give me their shoulder,
event i should happen to fall
time and his bride growing older
ive got friends who will give me fuck all
(on the) corner of bleeker and nowhere
in the land of not quite day
a shiver runs down my backbone
face in the mirror turns grey
so (i) looked round to hitch up the reindeer
searching hard trying to brighten the day
i turned around to look for the snowman
to my surprise hed melted away.
as the moon and the stars call the order
inside my tides dance the ebb and sway
the sun in my souls sinking lower
while the hope in my hands turns to clay
i dont ask that my fields full of clover
i dont moan at opportunitys door
and if you ask my advice, take it slower
then your storyd be your finest reward.
lost on the path to attainment
search in the eyes of the wise
when i bled from the heart of the matter
i started bleeding without a disguise
now everythings fine under heaven
now and then youve got to take time to pause
when youre down on the ground, dont be messin around
or youll land in a boat without oars
hey babe, hey babe, hey babe,
i lost my way.
hey babe, hey babe,
i dont know where im gonna find it.
hey babe, hey babe,
do you wanna know,
do you really, really, wanna help me, yeah?
let me tell you now, babe
let me tell you
that it feels so good that it must be right
now my babe,
let me tell you
that it feels so good that it must be right...


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