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good times bad times ark sz

in the days of my youth
i was told what it means to be a man,
now ive reached the age
ive tried to do all those things the best i can.
no matter how i try,
i find my way into the same old jam.
-good times, bad times,
you know i had my share;
when my woman left home
for a brown eyed man,
well, i still dont seem to care.
sixteen: i fell in love
with a girl as sweet as could be,
only took a couple of days
till she was rid of me.
she swore that she would be all mine
and love me till the end,
but when i whispered in her ear
i lost another friend, oooh.
- chorus
i know what it means to be alone,
i sure do wish i was at home.
i dont care what the neighbors say,
im gonna love you each and every day.
you can feel the beat within my heart.
realize, sweet babe, we aint ever gonna part.


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