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its just good-bye ark sz

(c. weil/j. gruska)
the sweetest songs fade to echoes in the wind
the best of times must end, so a new day can begin
and the dreams we dream that seem so real at night
must meet the morning light and vanish from our sight

its just good-bye, remember
time was never our friend
we walked the road together and we came to the end
its just good-bye, now i wont tell you not to cry
but i swear that what we had wont die
cause it isnt over, its just good-bye

i close my eyes and i still can see your face
i know the truth of us, cant be bound by time or space
and the joy we shared, the magic that weve known
is something that we own, though we may be alone

(repeat refrain)

its just good-bye
it doesnt really matter why
i know what we had can never die
cause ill always love you
yes, ill always love you
so, its just good-bye


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