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heaven tonight ark sz

(c. rowley/t. niles/ c. mole)
must we wait for tommorow
theres a chance we may find it today
lonely hearts know the answer
if you just let me show you the way
ill lead you to a paradise, ohh

passion hides in the shadows
let emotion take over your soul
lose yourself in a moment
you know our love is a river that flows
all the way to paradise, ohh

heaven tonight
will be waiting for you
in this heart burning bright
theres a promise forever to
heaven tonight
is just a kiss away
how long must i wait for you?

come to me in the darkness
let me hear every beat of your heart
whisper words in the silence
and say together were here with the stars
in a never ending love, ohh

(repeat chorus)

and when i close my eyes i see us together
make this dream of mine come true
coz if you ever need someone
dont worry now
heaven is waiting for you

(repeat chorus 3x then fade)


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