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happiness duet with gerard salonga ark sz
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happiness duet with gerard salonga ark sz

(b. anderson jr.)
you know some kids ask us what happiness really is.
well, to me happiness is a hamburger, going to the movies, new clothes.
well, whats your happiness, gerard?

my happiness is a hotdog sandwich, new rubber shoes, new t-shirts,
new jeans and also my favorite part of happiness is love.

happiness is two kinds of ice cream
finding your skate key, telling the time
happiness is learning to whistle
tying your shoe for the very first time
happiness is playing the drum in your own school band
and happiness is walking hand in hand

happiness is five different crayons
knowing a secret, climbing a tree
happiness is finding a nickel
catching a firefly, setting him free
happiness is being alone every now and then
and happiness is coming home again

happiness is morning and evening

daytime and nighttime, too

for happiness is anyone and anything at all
thats loved by you

happiness is having a sister

sharing a sandwich

getting along
happiness is singing together when day is through
and happiness is those who sing with you

happiness is morning and evening
daytime and nighttime, too
for happiness is anyone and anything at all
thats loved by you


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