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mr intentional ark sz

yeah, yeaaayh, yeah heh, yeah heh, yeah heh...
see the road to hell, is paved with good intentions
cant you tell, the way they have to mention
have they helped you out, youre such a hopeless victim
please dont do me any favors, mr. intentional
all their talk, (?) to perfection
the road they walk, commanding your affection
they need to be needed, deceived by motivation
an opportunity, to further situation
why they so important, is without explanation
please dont patrionize me, mr. intentional
oh, ohhh, ohh ohhh
we give rise to ego, by being insecure
the advice that we go, desperatly searching for
the subconscious effort, to support our paramour
to engage in denial, to admit were immature
validating lies, mr. intentional
open up yours eyes, mr. intentional
stuck in a system, that seeks to suck your blood
held emotionally hostage, by what everybody does
counting all the money, that you give them just because
exploiting ignorance, in the name of love
stop before you drop because thats just the way it was
please dont justify me, mr. intentional
oh undementional, mr. intentional
ohhh, oh dont you do me any favors
ohhh, ohhhh, ohh ohhhh
wake up youve been sleeping
take up your bed and walk
stop blaming other people
oh its nobody elses fault
except the truth about you
you know that life goes on without you
and your expensive misinventions
disguising your intentions
dont worship my hurt feelings, mr. intentional
oh, oh oh oh
see i know you cant help me, mr. intentional
the only help i need to live, is unprofessional
the only wealth i have to give, is not material
and if you need much more than that, im not available
please dont entertain me, mr. intentional
oh i dont need your sympthy, mr. intentional
stay away from me, mr. intentional
so undementional, mr. promotional, mr. emotional, mr. intentional
ohhh ohhhh, ohhhh


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