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muddy river ark sz

rain keeps pouring down houses are cracking. people drown. cars are rusting here. a church floats by washed in the blood of the lamb. and all the superhighways have disappeared one by one. and all the towns and cities and signs are underwater now. theyre gone. were going down my the muddy river were walking down by the muddy river somebody tell me please: what happened here? mud is everywhere. fish are swimming in the fields. everybodys running arund, theyre yelling is this the end of the known world? men and women in their boats try to save what theyve lost. theyre yelling, its all gone now. were never gonna find it again. but when the muddy river starts to rise it covers us all. and when i look into your eyes two tiny clocks two crystal balls we begin again. we try we begin again. down by were going down by down by the muddy river. we begin again down by the muddy river were walking down by down by the muddy river. were going down by down by the muddy river.


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