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kokoku ark sz

i come very briefly to this place. i watch it move. i watch it shake. kumowaku yamano. watashino sakebi. watashino koewo. ushano kokoku. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. mountain with clouds. a cry. my voice. home of the brave. im here now. and lost. they say the dead will rise again. and here they come now. strange animals out of the ice age. and they stare at you. dumbfounded. like big mistakes. and we say: keep cool. maybe if we pretend this never happened, theyll all just go away. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. mewotoji. mewotoji. kikunowa kotori. watashino sakebi. watashino koewo. i am here in this place. losing. my eyes are closed. closed. birds are there. hearing something. shouting. my voice. (and yet, we could all be wrong. wouldnt be the first time.) kumowaku yamano. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. kumiwaku yamano. kikunowa kotori. watashino sakebi. mountains with clouds. i am there. lost. mountains with clouds. birds are there. hearing something. a shout. they say the world is smaller n
ow. small world. they say that man is taller now. tall man. they say the stars are closer now. thank you, lucky stars. you come very briefly to this place. jikanwa tomaru. ushano kokoku. time is stopped. home of the brave. and on a very distant star, slimy creatures scan the skies. theyve got plates for hands. and telescopes for eyes. and they say: look! down they say: watch it move. watch it shake. watch it turn. and shake. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. kumowaku yamano. watashino sakebi. watashino koewo. mewotoji. mewotoji. i am there. lost. mountains with clouds. a cry. a shout. my eyes are shut. shut. and we say: watch us move. watch us shake. were so pretty. were so pretty. we say: watch us move now. watch us shake. were so pretty. shake our hands. shake our heads. we shake our feet. were so fine. the way we move. the way we shake. were so nice.


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