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hiawatha ark sz

by the shores of gitche gumee by the shining big- sea- water downward through the evening twilight in the days that are forgotten >from the land of sky blue waters and i said: hello operator get me memphis tennessee and she said: i know who youre tryin to call darlin and hes not home hes been away but you can hear him on the airwaves hes howlin at the moon yeah this is your country station and honey this next ones for you. and all along the highways and under the big western sky theyre singing ooo oooooo theyre singing wild blue. and way out on the prairie and up in the high chaparral they hear a voice it says: good evening this is captain midnight speaking and ive got a song for you goes somethin like this: starlight starbright were gonna hang some new stars in the heavens tonight. theyre gonna circle by day theyre gonna fly by night were goin sky high. yoo hooooo hooo. yeah yoo hooo ooo hooooooooo so good night ladies and good night gentlemen keep those cards and letters coming and please dont
call again. geronimo and little nancy marilyn and john f. dancing uncle took the message and its written on the wall. these are pictures of the houses shining in the midnight moonlight while the king sings love me tender. and all along the watchtowers aand under the big western sky theyre singing yoo hooooo theyre singing wild blue. and wau wau up there, bursting in air red rockets, bright red glare >from the land of sky blue waters sent by freedoms sons and daughters. were singing ooo hoooooooo were singing wild blue. were singing ooo hoooooooo ooo hooooooooo and dark behind it rose the forest rose the black and gloomy pine trees rose the firs with ones upon them and bright before it beat the water beat the clear and sunny water beat the shing big- sea- water


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