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build a home ark sz

i need to be alone tonight,
this city and her streets,
a cardboard sign reads help me
and i walk on,
and i run.

i touch you and you feel me,
im a river, im burning, im a thief,
i leave you and your skin and your beauty,
i leave you and your beauty and your teeth.

can you see this blaze flared up,
from the spark of you,
now this trick ive played makes me your slave,
ill burn you out, ill start again.

i saw my name in your hand,
i turned around and ran,
but to you or from you its all the same,
to you or from you its the same thing.

he says were all alone,
he builds himself a home,
he builds it out of hair and teeth and fingernails and bones,
he hides it in his heart,
then he tears it all apart,
he plasters all the pieces up with glue and calls it art,
hes a man with two left shoes,
hes a pretty cockatoo,
his song is full of sadness but hes beautiful in blue.

i need to be alone tonight,
alone tonight.


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