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next to love ark sz

(lari white/chuck cannon)

theres a chill hanging in the air
weve been silent all night long
im lying here, youre way over there
pretending there aint nothing wrong
aint there something i can say, something you can do
somethings getting in the way, baby
we cant let it tear us in two

youve got to hold on to me and ill hold on to you
weve got to hold on to each other
you know, next to love there aint nothing worth holding onto

so, baby, hold on to me and ill hold on to you
we might have to stay up all night
we may have to stay home all day
weve gotta find a way to make it right
or good love is gonna slip away
and, id get right down on my knees
to keep from losing you
when it comes to times like these
holding on is all we can do


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