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do it again ark sz

(lari white/chuck cannon/chuck jones)

i grew up fast and wild, i was saturdays child
leaping in long before i would look
yeah, i was the fool, always breaking the rules
blind to the chances i took
and i took some hard falls, oh, but when i recall
all the elbows and knees that i skinned
if i had it to do all over
id do it again

well ive loved and ive lost without counting the cost
cause i guess i was born to believe
you cant run, you cant hide, from whats burning inside
you gotta wear it out there on your sleeve
so, ive done my part, in breaking my heart
but, when i think of my lovers and friends
if i had it to do all over
id do it again

do it again, do it again
over and over and then
i know that id do it again

ill never be found with my feet on the ground
cause that aint where my dreamsll come true
give me wings, give me wheels, give me something thats real
like the love of somebody like you
cause do it or die im determined to fly
out where caution is tossed to the wind
and if i get it to do all over
ill do it again


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