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you are my heart ark sz

how did i ever get to here
why do i need you
why do i have to cry these tears
where do they lead to
i used to be so strong alone
when i was standing on my own
now i dont know what to do
was i too proud or just too blind
what does it matter
when love was in these hands of mine
i let it shatter
the pieces scattered to the wind
ill never have them here again
but ill remember how we were
the rest of time
you are my heart
how could i ever let you go
you are my soul
i had to lose my soul to know
how much you mean
to me, you are my heart
i think i see you everywhere
isnt that crazy
i still reach out to feel you there
lying beside me
ive learned a lot since youve been gone
about what i am and what i want
i know i only want to be in love with you
theres the sun to light the day
my colors turned to gray
the day i saw you walk away
now theres nothing left to say
but when i dream, i pray
that life could be like yesterday


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