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cotton wool ark sz

heres my love
step inside
let me warm you up
by the fire in my heart

step inside
close the door
on the wind of fear
brewing up behind you

you could stay here
make your home here
hideaway here

i could wrap you up in cotton wool
heres somewhere you could let your love
run free come and give your soul a resting place
finding someome is like finding yourself a home
if the key fits - just open the door

cause youre never gonna spend a lonely day here
come and watch your fear fly away
and youll never hunger for a greener side than here

gonna wrap you up in cotton wool and save you
and s a v e you
(and save you)

wheres your love
let me in
to find the warm fire
that i know is there inside you
let me in - its cold outside
and ill grow there
find that place deep down inside you

you could hold me
and protect me from all harm
you could love me
you could wrap me up

and i could stay there
make my home there
hideaway there
you could wrap me up
in cotton wool


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