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black cat bone ark sz

must have been the devil who changed my mind
must have been the wind blowing not me crying
half the joy of leaving was the space i left behind
now im back, angelheaded holloweyed
placed myself at the eye of the storm
just didnt see the signpost to scorn
the blue sky wrinkled through my tears
then darkness grounded all my fears
i gave him my sugar; he switched it for salt
should have seen him coming thats always my fault

rocks for my pillow and sand for my bed
for better or worse i left him for dead
but two rivers to each other run
words that shook me like the kick of a gun
had something in my heart aint got no name
turned out he felt the same
aint it lonesome, aint it sad
i was the only happiness he ever had
by indian river the vows were said
in a red devils dress i was wed

bitchs baby round lady
came to me in a dream
then lightning struck and thunder roared
and nothing was as it seemed
a two-headed doctor walked on the water
and buried a lemon outside my door
he turned and laughed, threw up his hands
when i asked him what it was for
he sang ships in the ocean rocks in the sea,
blond-headed woman made a fool outta me
then everything went crazy
my shoes filled with blood
the water rose the wind did howl
the river looked ready to flood
i left my man asleep to drown
and ran without looking back around

ring the bells of mercy
send the sinnerman home
the keys to the kingdom are lost and gone
and im left to die alone
all these girls grown old now
all that long hair in the grave
realize whats done is done
its far too late to be saved


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