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to myself i turned ark sz

i was born in another world
strictly connected to a piece of my mind
nothing more that a little land
it is a small cradle where im a kid
i am the princess in there,
nothing wrong in my fantasy world

i am the king, the nation
no dictators or religions
no laws laid down for me
i have my own liberty inside of me
nothing to lose, i want to live here

as you see im the only survivor in this land

when did i hear this wind before
change like this to a deeper roar?
im starting to bleed another way
i just need some time to complete myself

there spotlights are here again
i cant see anything, im blind
this nature at time and space
makes me sick of the situation

i couldnt know if i...
if i will be strong enough for this
i have to choose, do i want to live here?


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