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hyperfast ark sz

a storm is brewing here right by my side
ive tried all sorts of disguises
i hope he cannot do wrong within my sight
my blood is flowing as oceans
when i breathe my freedom
words of the big religion
simply what i need

is what i need?

you reject defaults
in a vision of non-life
this silent overcomes
your defensive shades is gone

floating bubbles are laying down on me
false beliefs are drawing all my tears

beyond sbu-life
beyond decline
beyond this wave of rising
beyond hard times
beyond love bites
beyond the day ill face myself

a hyperfast reaction
is playing with me
im so confused
but i knew
i could hold on
just a lack of experience
just a lack of pride
that makes me blind again

sadly destroying everything ive done and
everything remaining is burning in my fire

thats the way we are
now im going to explode

i will choose remorse in my life
what is happening is enclosed in my fire

that makes me blind again

ill face myself


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