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father son and holy goat ark sz

question myself till i bleed
will i live to spoil another day
the answers lost in mud
i wont if it goes on this way
and what if you discovered that
i could not give a fuck
would you crumble, start to fall
just like i have a hundred times before

blacken my face
distort my features
ill be no-one soon

i was told to bank on 70
22s been hard enough
search for a space to hide in
the life i haves too much
feeble-minded, fickle and worthless
sickened by my blind incompetence
cant even pay the rent
and i cant see a way out

blacken my face
distort my features

alone - on my own - i fight but i will not win

i have been wrong - misled - and now i feel dead
put in goal for the millionth time
not a scratch on anyone else
fuck you - cant even erase my self
i dont want to be here - living with fear
so whilst i hunt for the exit - keep the fuck out of my way
and you should know by now no one fucking hurts you like you hurt yourself

submission hold around my throat
father, son and holy goat


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