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diary of a piss drinker ark sz
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diary of a piss drinker ark sz

left alone - with fingers bleeding
try to claw - something worth keeping
on my knees - and bleeding
and you just dont give a fuck
a new betrayal - fucked hard again
stripped to bone - by one more set of friends
tear it down - no feelings of shame
set up to be knocked down again

you have
no morals
i hate you
kill you if i
wasnt gutless
foul taste
of piss
in my throat from you
and i invited you in
i fucking let you in

i stare into the mirror - clutching pride
eyes tell the truth - i cannot hide
another piece of me - has dropped and died
and now i lie here crippled by my life
pride and sense of worth in a world of hurt
are falling off me - and i cant get them back
try to fight and love to hate - i build a wall
against my will to protect from another attack

>from the endless queues of bitter shits
who wait in line with spikes and knives
with evidence and opinions of what i am
they dont know me and i do not even like them.......cunts


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