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wu world order ark sz

- one of 3 hidden tracks on the playstation game cd

wu world order (4x)

[la the darkman]
niggaz is feeble, i call up a vine-man like ben siegal
im anti-evil, plus i touch a desert eagle
my lifes illegal, slaves in prisons that equal
the devils leathal, he killed a hundred million people
im darkman, iceman, la, wu-tang clan
trapacanty, sensai, comprende?
my marine corps, straight from the trojan war
black capped crusador, trap door, flame thrower
stuck a chain store when i was dirt poor for my reward
next week the germans have me on a bulletin board
i beat that case, they couldnt identify my face
im triple darkness, silence or ill have you erased
me and my wu pirates start riots with osirus
math, i apply it, kill you, but im quiet
repect the abbott, its love allah
shine like a shootin star, sting with the cobra claw

wu world order (8x)

[bobby digital]
i enter through the cave of your ear
in a high-pitched silent tone only a dog could hear
and impregnante you, with the wisdom of the wu
and your sub-conscious dreams come constantly true
have you in such deep thought, your pulse and blood presures so low
you diagnosed as corpse
havin outer body experience, clear no interference
everything with physical form, lose appearance
become one with the formless, now you feel your strongest
escape, trample lies, you live for the longest
live a thousand years in a day
without opening your mouth you say everything you wanted to say
attract to the core of the earth, i stay grounded
the sun in the sense of this, im surrounded
by planets in mist, that spins, the windchill
but my light melts your snowflake from ninety-three mil
he who have an ear, let em here as we reveal
cause one ear of corn can produce a cornfield
and one cornfield can produce the corn mill
the bread from the body of christ, all are filled
with the truth of life inside your bone marrow
you could make your physical as large as your shadow
whether space or cyborg, optic or fiber
become a wu multimedia subscriber
and hibernate, the wu tape in your mental state
let it meditate, sit back and await
the orders, for this you dont need no tape recorder
so lets prepare for the wu world order

wu world order (8x)

[bobby digital]
we comin soon and we slangin at your borders


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