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spring water ark sz

[intro: raekwon]
yo. yo. yo. yeah, no doubt. no doubt.
thats my... 1997. thats my word.
thats my... thats my word.
thats my... thats my word.

yo, yo, yo, up in the hilton, buildin, playin outfieldin
the black 90210 cat was chillin
then spottin this, somethin like fabulous with ice on
fly nights on, fitted up with fly tights on
starin at me, approach a god, represent right
peep this, james bond, bm look tight
delightly, that i could see shorty liked me
politilly, [nigga], get it right g

[la the darkman]
day plannin, jump up, watch the landin
stay cool, fannin, polly, eatin salmon
at the grill, reminise over who got killed
and if they were here today, pa, how would they feel?
sun shinin, jet past the block, cats rhymin
see king gunner, he gained cream this summer
rolled up a dacari, blessed my man
marvelous, wally rocker, lex, 450 land

yo, the barbeques bangin and my sons look charged up
what up? fresh cuts buildin when we rest up
team is righteous, fresh cologne on, probably roll on
some next club, no slag, throw my gold on
info, like a hotel, phat, she got stacks
shes a big girl, cover girl laced, wig curl
goin through the struggles of life is trife
get your things right, maybe one day youll be rich wife

[la the darkman]
yo, picture good days, young, no bills to pay
i cant til i grown, thats what all kids say
came a long way, cashin checks, duplex
to lampin on planes, rockin 5 g chains
well known, just bought moms a new home
check shorty on the swing, playin the cellphone
lookin lovely, green sundress, no stress
nails look fresh, painted to impress
its only love

yo, yo, son, thats my word
connect dots with all live [niggaz] in the world
start some thesis, exiled, long releases
though we got family there with little nieces
six a crash with king nike air, yo
rockin them new wu glasses, lace my lab, kid
magazinin, swim, watch, long dreamin
peace, im out, golden globe rapper low-keyin

[la the darkman, (12 oclock)]
yo, cuban linkin, lampin at the park here drinkin
watch the seeds play here free, mind thinkin
birthdays, presents, learnin, readin lessons
nine god year, livin in impressions
splashin, la medallion flashin
(son, talk your jewels fore you jump in the pool)
aight, du, i stay blacked out by the leaf
cuz i eat to live, not live to eat
sayin peace, nahimsayin?


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