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polluted wisdom ark sz

trapacane, word up
here to speak about yo,
polluted wisdom
yeah, 2nd chamber, to all the boos
polluted wisdom, 2nd chamber, yo

verse 1:

i knew this chick named gina drove a royal blue beamer
holdin 2 chrome ninas fucking baby like nadina
wore corn braids, i used to hit it back in the days
now she a coke slayer italian niggas gettin her pay
but thats her heritage, she stayed sniffed up, no sorrow
clean her toes for today gave a fuck about tomorrow
but she robbed 50 gs flat from a sharp
now they trying to make the chick history like noahs ark
she blew the cheddar, she live on the low where its better
copped the condo, some jewels, and a 97 jetta
now she know she big will but wrong she silly sally
think she handling army cause her body out in cali
terribly mistaken strung on yeh the hits creation
tryin to fly down south with the cream from the jamaicans
its a woman hunt been on for bout 3 months
when they catch her some say they pouring gas in her cunt
torch it like a blunt and sparked on the god born day
she wanna be a queen but went about all the wrong way
she still hangin in bars, being diana ross
friday and saturday jumping back and forth in niggas cars
now i fill wid king at the bar guzzling gin
thinking he the man cause he gotta 500 benz
he like it raw when he touch skin gina just a friend
not knowing the type of lifestyle shorty was in
from shaolin..

word up, think again
know what im sayin?, word
to all the wisdom, living a fast life
yeah, you rather see the light
park n brake know what im sayin?
word up, reality, word up

verse 2:

risen by grief she live in a plot wid a knot
been in the block wid ten crisp gs in her pock
she aint startin it, joint off safety, three clips
peep the rear-view some dreads pulled back her whips
so she mercked off they mercked to and drama again
just bought a first-class ticket going to michigan
she tried to come out alive grabbed the joint then sat aside
thinking if she shoot first then her life cant be denied
started blazing shorty was no joke she blinked
using rapid fire the dreads trying to hit her gas tank
testing uzi ooh op the next man block hot
through the action four by-standers was shot
but it continued, shorty hittin ninety, scraped the benz
still scaring begging allah for her sins
wid no friends she had to handle beef on the dolo
3 shells came through the window one went through her polo
now she swerving needing a doctor like jay ervin
2 other chickens that knew her severe lesson they was learning
sipping burbon she reloaded seeing her life being demoted
catch a flashback remember shit scarface quoted
still lickin of shell, feeling the fire of hell
moved in mad blood trying to make it back to the hotel
dread licked off a pack she had no chance to react
firing emptying clips from fifty shot caps
2 more caught her in her back the others made the tire flat
the car flipped 13 times dunn and dead was that
dead was that, word up black

yeah, yo, for all the women
watch what you do and who you screw
yeah, be a queen and not a money fiend
knaw what i mean, word up
protect yourslef la the darkman


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