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love ark sz

(if you can, you walk out that door)
its like a cycle
word up,
you know women dunn?
cant live with em
cant live without em
but one thing they have to understand
that knowledge is first
word up, you know

verse 1: la the darkman (mala campbell)

we started off back in high school my new boo
she stunted at first but i seen right through
her whole chemistry so i behaved rather friendly
apply rudeboy and she seen the truth in me
she was a natural beautiful standing white teeth
her sandals displayed her feet
i like her technique she wasnt in the street until its time
pure personality which labelled her a dime
she had a virgin mind
style wid good conversation
knew the important virtue of patience
stay wonderful respectable middle class queen
but i ran the street been indulged with other things
time passed our relationship elevated
she wrote my man letters while he was incarcerated
i remember we thought she was pregnant one time
i stayed by her side and she wouldnt let me rhyme
it was love at first touch for me and this miss
she only complained about the time that i spent
in her hand i told her love understand as a man
i gotta live out my plan providing for my family is a must
and all i ask from my woman is love and trust
my life is difficult being a business man artist
i might be outta state but i think of you regardless
im bogged, i look into your eyes and get hard
ill make you my planet and ill be the god
dont make me choose between you and my career
gotta take this opportunity love while its here
i care, completion is man woman and child
my people bass tips just to make me smile
i know every womans dream is to have a ring
a strong man to hold and the finer things
cause you can cook and clean keep the power-u tight
be a wifey im coming home on the next flight
but if you cant respect my laws and be what i need
the god have to leave cause life will proceed
i feel love

(you walk out that door)
word up
(if you can walk out that door)
to all the boos out there love
you know
(i gave you all i had and all i have is love)
(when youre in love, when youre in love)
(i gave you all i had and all i have is love)
(when youre in love, when youre in love)

(when youre in love, ohoh)
(i gave you all i had)
(i gave you all i had)

(if you can, you walk out that door)

repeat till end


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