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as the world goes round ark sz

intro: raekwon the chef, [la the darkman]

[what up la the dark, the chef
true scaped it right, scaped it right
scaped it right like white burnin in hell
[flip it up like a hell on doe]
yeah! yeah!
[word, word life
la the dark, dig up to my man cuffed]

verse one: raekwon the chef, [la the darkman]

yo, yo, yo
ay yo la, wats up son?
ay yo you read the papers
two columbian niggas hit these phony niggas
and every routine chevy you call green
had crazy hook up in that peice by old mean
[the kids mad floor and where you had to go down
killers be comin for your neck when youre wearing a crown
for five and eight cane kids ready to spray
the cats got nine lives from around my way
timb boots and over nore, two text by the door
so when the popo come i can take em to war]
same subject, text and royalty checks
plus market in the drugs he pull mad respect
i gotta get mine, blast mad nines on a regular
fakin predator or player i mean this faker
[who the rap mayor its me ill be the sprayer
the docs in the realm you contemplate your prayers
medior right eclipse takin in the nine-fifth
all you gapin mcs like pancakes you get flipt
i got a thirty shot cliff had the grip and the hip
a mad half warrior young tale from the cript, kid!


as the world goes round yo its the same as they sayin
[same junkies on the corners shootin shit in their vein]
wats the deal black man must rise to the top
[representin darkman with this real hip hop]


and you dont stop
[and you dont stop]
[and you cant]
and you cant stop
[word up! word drop that style]

verse two: la the darkman

you only live once execute your dreams
a third real triple beam wait out my skeam
for the cream my soul cracks never cure relax
now bared with wu-tang shit and lyrical facks
young black back bastard from the concrete street
and never leave an houn without strappin my hip
keep peace and don p word life tiryque
i saw the million dollar show cause im that dog p
for a dog, for a spark ready to rip you apart
i was born with a gold shield over my heart
so dont start none, it wont be none
im dominatin the screen my reign just begun
i got more raw cut with the kids doin biz
you cant dig up my physical like a pyramid
im wicked dunn star made la now ride
switch to walk space fly like the starship enterprise



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