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you wont forget me ark sz

tonight is the night
youre gonna get the best
ill treat you right, im better than the rest
wherever you go, and wherever you will be
you wont forget me, you wont forget me
oo-oo-oo, na-na-na-na
your gonna miss what i got to offer
oo-oo-oo, na-na-na-na
when you need action, love and affection
youre gonna run to me
and when you are feezin youll search for me to be your cover
and when you feel lonely, ill be the only one to set you free
if youre man enough ill be you perfect lover endlessly
oo-oo-oo, na-na-na-na
without my love you will surely suffer
oo-oo-oo, na-na-na-na
youre gonna miss what i got to offer
you wont forget me
you wont forget me
you wont forget me, no!
tonights the night, you wont forget this love
relax your mind and let your body unwind
theres no more pressure, no more pain,
tonight girl, dont be ashamed.
no matter what the cravin because im staying
provide, no criticise.
no matter what the need, ill give you what you need
dont doubt, our love is turn you out.
youll be on fire, you cant deny a
love thats heaven-sent.
when i touch your heart, im gonna start
a dream that never ends.
i want you, i want you
like a drug in my vein,
like a drug in my vein
you wont forget meeee!
you wont forget me baby, you wont forget me.
you wont forget me!


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