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sweet dreams ark sz

sweet dreams of rhythm and dancing
sweet dreams of passion through the night
sweet dreams are taking over
sweet dreams of dancing through the night
i wanna get into motion
a better devotion
so i can make it through the night
so the music is playin
you know what im saying
now everything will be alright
ola ola e, ola ola e,
ola ola e, ola ola e.
rhythm is a creation a better sensation
that will lead you through the night
when your body is movin the music is groovin
i want to take you home tonight
keep dancin hard
give this groove more feeling
dance trance dance more dealing
in out up down all around
on the dance floor gettin down
take time just to show them who
we can make your body move
totally, yes the partys started
sweet dreams keep comin harder
chorus + bridge to fade.


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