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shoo bee do bee do i like that way ark sz
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shoo bee do bee do i like that way ark sz

i feel good, like i should
i was out for love and there you stood
i prayed to god to make it last
boy i never fell in love so fast
you give me everything ive been dreaming of
i got you under my skin, i cant get enough
shoo bee do bee do i like that way,
boy i need you every single day.
shoo bee do bee do ive found my way,
straight into your heart please let me stay.
theres a light in your eyes
boy you really got me hynotised
and when we kiss (and when we kiss)
it makes me weak (it makes me weak)
boy you really knock me off my feet
yes yes yall, you dont stop, you dont stop that body rock
yes yes yall, you dont quit, you dont quit,
hold it, wait a minute
lane in the house with that old school flavour
yall save ya, shake what your mamma gave ya
have to adapt it in a beat thats phat
heres the facts, la bouche is all that
crowds getting loud, and their begging us just to get on down
everywhere we go is a stomping ground
ten-thousand people with their hands in the air, screaming out "oh yeah"
my? will never??? mammas got a brand new bag
should be a crime to think it dont rhyme
come on and hit me one time (huh)
chorusx2 to fade


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