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tom waits, tom waits arklar, tom waits ark szleri
1. shells from a thirty-ought-six438
3.a little rain656
4.a sight for sore eyes432
5.a sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun434
6.all stripped down470
7.anywhere i lay my head430
8.baby, im not a baby anymore820
9.back in the good old world571
10.bad liver and a broken heart388
11.barber shop432
12.better off without a wife470
13.big black mariah402
14.big joe and phantom368
15.black box theme502
16.black wings446
17.blind love427
18.blow wind blow508
19.blue skies519
20.blue valentines1858
21.bride of rain dog481
22.broken bicycles725
23.burma shave432
25.carnival bobs confession653
26.cemetery polka442
27.christmas card from a hooker in minneapolis434
28.cinnys waltz576
29.clap hands483
30.closing time719
31.cold cold ground513
33.dave the butcher493
34.depot, depot409
35.diamonds and gold444
36.diamonds on my windshield409
37.dirt in the ground464
38.down, down, down1195
40.downtown train391
41.drunk on the moon682
42.earth died screaming397
43.eggs & sausage418
44.emotional weather report406
45.falling down359
46.fish & bird368
47.flash pan hunter429
48.flash pan hunter/intro699
49.foreign affair405
50.franks song518
51.franks theme616
52.franks wild years484
53.fumblin with the blues464
54.gin soaked boy465
55.goin down slow520
56.goin out west617
57.good old world400
58.gospel train390
59.gospel train/orchestra480
60.grapefruit moon463
61.gun street girl406
62.had me a girl430
63.hang down your head527
64.hang on st christopher507
65.heartattack and vine1449
66.hope i dont fall in love with you1797
67.i beg your pardon818
68.i cant wait to get off work471
69.i dont wanna grow up477
70.i hope that i dont fall in love with you434
71.i never talk to strangers453
72.i want you626
73.i wish i was in new orleans439
74.ice cream man456
75.in between love1806
76.in shades485
77.in the colosseum437
78.in the neighborhood481
79.innocent when you dream523
80.innocent when you dream472
82.invitation to the blues588
83.is there any way out of this dream412
84.ill be gone466
85.ill shoot the moon603
86.ill take new york529
87.im your late night evening prostitute655
88.jersey girl451
89.jesus gonna be here466
90.jitterbug boy387
91.jockey full of bourbon408
92.johnsburg, illinois482
93.just another sucker on the vine442
94.just the right bullets396
95.kentucky avenue402
96.let me get up on it558
97.little boy blue430
98.little trip to heaven412
99.little trip to heaven on the wings of your love390
101.looking for the heart of saturday night370
102.looks like im up shit creek again447
103.los angeles mood525
104.los angeles theme471
105.lucky day419
106.lucky day overture404
108.medley: jack & neal/california, here i come37
109.midnight lullaby398
110.midnight lullabye405
112.mockin bird506
113.more than rain488
114.mr henry420
115.mr siegal407
116.murder in the red barn421
118.new coat of paint409
119.new york mood437
120.new york theme562
121.nighthawk postcards from easy street354
124.oily night443
125.old boyfriends445
126.old shoes399
127.old shoes and picture postcards412
129.on a foggy night410
130.on the nickel384
131.on the other side of the world441
132.once upon a town483
133.opening intro496
134.pasties and a g-string435
135.picking up after you369
136.please call me, baby360
137.please wake me up390
138.ponchos lament575
140.potters field485
141.putnam county404
142.rain dogs2233
144.red shoes by the drugstore429
145.rockin chair530
146.romeo is bleeding400
148.rubys arms462
149.russian dance1038
150.san diego serenade419
151.saving all my love for you378
152.semi suite429
153.shiver me timbers403
154.shore leave400
156.small change361
157.so it goes401
158.so long ill see ya572
159.soldiers things630
160.somewhere from west side story605
161.spare parts i a nocturnal emission363
162.spare parts ii and closing422
163.step right up387
164.straight to the top rhumba352
165.straight to the top vegas381
166.strange weather469
167.such a scream389
169.take me home704
170.tango til theyre sore506
171.telephone call from istanbul952
173.th & hennepin404
174.that feel453
175.thats the way662
176.the black rider382
177.the briar and the rose430
178.the ghosts of saturday night429
179.the last rose of summer457
180.the ocean doesnt want me473
181.the one that got away413
182.the piano has been drinking568
183.the wages of love382
184.this ones from the heart488
186.tom trauberts blues519
187.town with no cheer372
188.train song424
189.troubles braids588
190.taint no sin598
192.union square404
193.virginia ave392
194.virginia avenue426
195.walk away566
196.walking spanish412
197.warm beer and cold women400
198.way down in the hole448
199.whats he building527
200.when you aint got nobody436
201.whistle down the wind473
202.whistlin past the graveyard441
203.who are you402
204.wrong side of the road10544
205.yesterday is here402
206.you cant unring a bell466
207.til the money runs out495
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