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tina turner, tina turner arklar, tina turner ark szleri
3.a change is gonna come317
4.absolutely nothings changed592
5.acid queen362
6.addicted to love380
8.all kinds of people373
9.all the woman327
10.ask me how i feel392
11.back where you started359
12.ball of confusion thats what the world is today714
13.be tender with me baby388
14.better be good to me362
15.betcha cant kiss me just one more time490
16.bold and reckless340
17.break every rule424
18.break through the barrier391
20.cose della vita/ cant stop thinking of you903
21.crazy in the night428
22.dancing in my dreams334
23.darlin you know i love you483
24.disco inferno589
25.do something365
26.do what you do397
27.dont leave me this way391
28.dont rush the good things527
29.dont turn around500
30.easy as life434
32.falling like rain332
33.fool in love369
34.foreign affair373
36.go ahead432
38.havin a party624
39.he lives in you372
41.i cant stand the rain528
42.i dont wanna fight678
43.i dont wanna lose you610
44.i idolize you659
45.i might have been queen382
46.i want you near me378
47.i will be there342
48.in the midnight hour377
49.in your wildest dreams963
50.it takes two324
51.its gonna work out fine434
52.its only love485
53.ill be thunder399
54.im a lady475
55.johnny and mary400
56.keep your hands off my baby412
57.land of dances383
59.lets dance442
60.lets pretend were married426
61.lets stay together605
62.look me in the heart342
63.love is a beautiful thing338
64.love thing364
65.missing you430
66.not enough romance343
67.nutbush city limits401
68.on silent wings409
69.one of the living356
70.overnight sensation360
71.paradise is here320
72.private dancer452
73.proud mary400
74.river deep mountain high337
75.rock me baby464
76.rockn roll widow421
77.shake a tail feather378
78.show some respect370
79.so fine706
80.something beautiful remains455
81.stay awhile371
82.steamy windows448
83.steel claw383
84.stronger than the wind374
85.take me to the river391
86.talk to my heart381
87.tearing us apart335
88.the best375
89.the bitch is back391
90.the difference between us379
91.thief of hearts335
92.till the right man comes along391
93.tinas wish615
95.total control376
96.twenty four seven420
97.two people374
98.typical male371
99.undercover agent for the blues504
100.unfinished sympathy370
101.way of the world355
102.we dont need another hero thunderdome518
103.what you get is what you see325
104.whatever you need413
105.whatever you want360
106.whats love got to do with it563
107.when i was young420
108.when the heartache is over359
109.without you372
110.you cant stop me loving you524
111.you know who is doing you know what353
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